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Virtual Ruler  v.

Virtual Ruler will allow the user to make a straight line using the mouse. Also the user can use Virtual Ruler advanced feature which allow him to make 'way points' and letting Virtual Ruler to execute them all by himself. This application is

FlipBook Creator Themes Pack - Cool Line  v.1.0

FlipBook Creator (Professional) Themes Pack- Cool Line are available. With those Themes & Templates. By making the cool line picture into templates for your online or offline publishing Catalog, Brochure, menu, your catalog can be much attractive.

PocketMoku  v.0.1

In this game, the objective is for each player to be the first to complete a continuous line of five stones. The stones are represented as circles and crosses.

Reversi  v.3.0.8

Reversi are names for a strategic board game which involves play by two parties on an eight-by-eight square grid with pieces that have two distinct sides. Each of the two sides corresponds to one player, they are referred to here as red and blue.

Multiplayer Connect Four  v.1.0.0

Play the classic Connect Four with other players.

Firework Columns  v.1.1.0

Launch fireworks by grouping them in lines of 3.

UCL Depthmap  v.10.15.00r

Depthmap is a single software platform to perform a set of spatial network analyses designed to understand social processes within the built environment. It works at a variety of scales from building through small urban to whole cities or states. At

JAG for Linux  v.0.3.1

2D funny arcade/puzzle game

TTTCube  v.1.2

plays three-dimensional tic tac toe on a cube with four levels.

Fermat Light Ray Model  v.1.0

The Fermat Light Ray model shows a light ray traveling left to right through N homogeneous regions with different refractive indicies.

Lunges  v.5.5

The Lunge is a simple but very effective exercise for the legs.

Billard En Line  v.1.9

Billard En Line - Pool and Snooker games! Download now & enjoy 4 variation of Pool games, and 3 types of Snooker games. Play Billard En Line and enjoy the web's most realistic 3D Graphics. Play Billard Snooker, it's fast, easy and 100% free!

Sport Line Betting  v.1.1

If you want to understand different types of sports bets, this ebook will give you the information you are looking for. You will learn about sports line betting and other bet forms. This ebook is free. If you want to learn a system that teaches you

Line Speed Meter  v.4.0

Line Speed Meter is the Internet's most comprehensive tool for measuring and reporting on the speed of your broadband Internet connection - including download speed, upload speed, latency and DNS lookup times. Run the Line Speed Meter to accurately

Free Line Graph Applet  v.2.0

Our dynamic line graph applet makes it easy to display line graphs on your web site, like the one below. The colors, size and values can be easily set using simple HTML tags. The line graph applet can be used in any server environment, including

Perspolis Command-Line Calculator  v.New

Perspolis Command-Line Calculator is, just like the name suggests a small, simple, command-line based application specially designed to help you with your basic math calculations. If you are looking for a tool that is both tiny and easy to use to

BN-Outer Line  v.1.0

BN-Outer Line is a truetype font that was created in order to assist you in modifying the overall aspect of your digital papers. All you need to do is get the font onto your computer and then put it to use when writing your documents to see how it

Brassiere Line  v.1.0

Brassiere Line is a truetype font that will allow you to change the regular appearance of your written documents. All you have to do is install the font onto your PC then use it when writing your texts to see how it will give them a new aspect. To

SignMyImage Command-Line  v.3.9

SignMyImage Command-Line is a small and easy to use application that allows you to sign your pictures. The sign is added directly to the image data. It doesn't use EXIF or stream file properties. The sign is invisible. The sign stays detectable after

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